Study missions on asgnmt.

For many years Coincide has been organizing business trips and trade missions on assignment for health organizations.

Business trips

Organizations who are looking for new solutions and need to accelerate innovation can contact us to plan and arrange an event or business trip to another country. In case the destination is not yet determined Coincide will make an overview of a few interesting possibilities. Based on the goals and the main topics we will select the most suitable destination to study.

Scientific exchange missions

The objective of the scientific study missions is to bring medical specialists from various countries in contact with their peers. The program is a combination of actually working together within the hospital and of in-depth seminars. The combination creates a platform to accelerate innovation and increase quality in the respective medical fields.

Previous assignments have been from:
  • A local government who wanted to know more about provisioning mental healthcare within the community. (Destination London)
  • A private healthcare provider who wants to get a good knowledge of the private healthcare sector in Europe (Berlin & Frankfurt)
  • A psychiatric organisation looking for new ideas to reduce the usage of seclusion, coercion and forced medication. (Destination Birmingham & Nottingham)
  • A region who wanted to learn more about integrated care and partnerships. (Destinations have been Stockholm and Alberta)
  • A healthcare insurer who wanted to deliver care more efficient by improving the collaboration among the regional care providers. (Destination London)
  • An executive training course that includes a business trip in the program to obtain insights in hospital management and different healthcare systems. (Destinations have been Istanbul, London & Scandinavia)
  • A group of public healthcare providers who looked at the medical care of asylum seekers in Ireland. (Destination Dublin)
  • A psychiatric organisation looking for new ideas for the transformation in the mental healthcare in the Netherlands (Destination Londen)
  • An educational platform with the aim to increase the quality of education. (Destination Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires)
  • A group of elderly care providers with an interest in the Swedish dementia care and the Sylvia Hemmet institute. (Destination Stockholm)
  • A private laboratory organization that visited London and Zurich with the board of directors and board of trustees to discuss long-term strategies.

Until 2010 Coincide also organised many events and trips for ICT en the new media. Destinations included all BRIC countries; Brazil, Russia, India and China.