Events on assignment

Being it either a study mission or an event it is always about bringing people together to support them in growth, change and innovation. Coincide organizes many short and powerful events that bring current topics and challenges under discussion and help to accelerate developments. Either through a discussion dinner, a brainstorm session, sales meeting, seminar or a regular conference. Meetings can take place anywhere with participants originating from any country.

Coincide can take responsibility both for the content and the logistics of the event. Based on our knowledge and our network, we will invite speakers and will propose a result generating format.

Logistical aspects include contracting the meeting location, arranging for food and drinks, ensuring hospitality, preparing the audiovisual equipment, cultural activities and transportation of the participants if needed.

As any professional organizer we can take control so you can continue focusing on reaching your target and working with your participants. As Coincide works with high level executives you are ensured that we will always aspire the highest quality. We work both national and internationally.


We have organised the following events and meetings:

  • An annual discussion diner for 150 health executives where current issues have been debated in interactive sessions supported by mind mapping technology.
  • A speaker for the anual relationshipday of a governmental instituut arranged for counterparts, municipalities and healthcare providers.
  • A conference for energy procurement managers in London during the Olympics.
  • Several sales meetings for an international ICT organisation in the Netherlands, Barcelona and Copenhagen.
  • A conference for Indian IT managers in Chennai, India on assignment of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • A network event for start-up companies to accelerate the cross selling and cooperating opportunities.