• ‘The combination of the group, interaction and learning from our counterparts is very useful!’
    (health innovation trip 2013 to Istanbul)
    Melvin Samsom, Executive Chairman, University Medical Centre St. Radboud
  • ‘Due to the excellent content it was again an inspiring and exhausting trip’
    (health innovation trip 2013 to Istanbul)
    Hans Feenstra, Executive Chairman, Martini Hospital
  • ‘When you want a study trip with a well balanced and in-depth program, choose Coincide!’
    (health innovation trip 2013 to Istanbul)
    Marjanne Sint, former Executive Chairwoman, Isala Hospital
  • ‘A very well organized trip with a good mixture of content, relevant presentations and enough opportunity for discussions. A stage for renewing healthcare.’
    (health innovation trip 2013 to Istanbul)
    Marith Rebel-Volp, former Chairwoman, Association of Dutch Female Physicians
  • ‘This health innovation trip excels above all other trips and conferences offered because of the very well organized content and useful discussions.’
    (health innovation trip 2013 to Istanbul)
    Marcel Levi, Executive Chairman, Amsterdam Medical Centre
  • ‘Thank you for a well organized trip. It inspired all participants while they also had a wonderful and fun week. What more could we have wished for!’
    (study trip of Arkin to Birmingham and Nottingham)
    Nienke Sneller, former Communications Manager, Arkin (mental healthcare)
  • ‘Fresh insights and valuable meetings and discussions made this an inspiring trip’
    (health innovation trip 2011 to London)
    Hans Bossink, former Director, Philips Healthcare Benelux
  • ‘A very good opportunity to learn from and with each other while travelling.’
    (Health innovation trip 2011 to London)
    Margot van der Starre, Director, Association of Dutch Hospitals
  • ‘The study trip is very well prepared and executed both in content and logistics. One gets what is promised. Coincide is strongly committed to the content, speakers and participants.’
    (Health innovation trip 2011)
    Dirk Jan Verbeek, Executive Chairman, Groene Hart Hospital
  • ‘Keep going with this formula. A health mission like this strongly connects people to the current issues and offers a good base to continue the dialogue.’
    (Long term care trip 2010 to London)
    Henk Bakker, Executive Chairman, Kentalis (handicapped care)
  • ‘Due to the selected topic and the supplied reading materials in advance, this trip did meet all my expectations. The participant group was well compiled furthering exchanges on knowledge, experiences and humour! Well done!’
    (Long term care trip to London 2010)
    Jolanda Buwalda, Director, Primary Care Centres Amsterdam
  • ‘Dorrit does an amazing job and people who feel otherwise should take the lead themselves. I know she can be a little directive but I believe this is also necessary when you are responsible for this type of groups. She is the ideal combination of ‘General’ and ‘Helper’ and also wants to make everyone feel at ease. This trip went beyond my expectations. It gave me a lot of energy. There was a good balance between business appointments and nightlife.’
    (New media trip 2088 to China)
    John Kivit, Director, Multiscope (online research)
  • ‘De trip was very good!’
    Hans Buller, former Executive Chairman, Erasmus Medical Centre
  • ‘A pleasant event and my compliments to being able to gather a group of this level!’
    Bert van der Hoek, Executive Chairman, Lentis (mental healthcare)
  • ‘The trip totally met my expectations. The combination of program and company made it perfect!’
    Michel Dutree, Director, Nefarma (specialist medicine association)
  • ‘I am very impressed by the perfect organisation. If I need to organise an event or trip in the future I will definitely contact Dorrit Gruijters to do the job. What a lady!’
    (New media trip 2008 to China)
    Hans Kroonen, Director, Steam (online marketing)
  • Many thanks for your effort and professional organization of the trip with so many people. Despite the size of the group I could always turn to the organization with any question.’
    (long term care trip 2009 to Stockholm)
    Erik-Jan Borgmeijer, Chairman, Amarant (elderly care)
  • ‘I experienced the trip as very inspiring. What a great group and what an enlightening!’
    (Long term care trip 2010 to London)
    Vivian Broex, Aafje (elderly care)