Turnkey project

A turn-key project consists of 5 parts, whether it is a study trip or an event.

1. Business program

We ensure a well developed program with speakers and business visits at the right level. Before selecting the destination we determine the goals of the program and specific wishes of the participants. Our specialist will perform a review of the foreign sector of the selected destination and will approach our local network to determine the most interesting people to meet and institutes to visit. Coincide will meet with all foreign contacts in advance to discuss the goals of the group visit and ensure that discussion topics are agreed upon. With larger groups we develop parallel visit programs to allow for small visit groups enabling good interaction. For a group of 60 participants we advise to develop a program with four parallel tracks from which participants can choose.  Carefully prepared information on the destination, sector and companies to visit, will be shared with the delegation members in advance.

2. Logistical coordination

With logistics we mean everything that need to be arranged to ensure a smooth operating event. For example buying flights, arranging for boarding passes and visas, selecting and contracting the hotel, diner and lunch locations. Also the local transportation to and from visits, coordination of a cultural activity and arranging thank you gifts for the people we will be meeting, are part of our services.

3. Participants

Selecting, inviting and registration of the participants for the events can be part of our tasks. If the participants are known in advance, we can take over all communication regarding the program and logistics. We will advise on the right participants profiles and whom could best participate in which part of the program.

4. Guidance

For a successful trip or event it is best to include guidance by a Coincide specialist. This person knows the destination and will stay in touch with all necessary contacts from transportation to the people the group will meet from a business perspective. Any changes and issues can be handled by us, allowing you to concentrate on the group, the goal, and the program.

5. Finance

We will also take responsibility for all financial aspects. We request various proposals, negotiate for the best deal, prepare contracts and arrange the down payments. Either the company assigning the event can be invoiced, the participants directly, or a combination of both. According to European law, study missions fall under the ‘Package Travel Directive’. We gladly explain what this will main for you as assigning company.

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