Managers and directors taking part in one of our programmes discuss change in structure, culture and working methods. Together they find answers and solutions to the challenges of their company or sector.

Results from our programmes include:
New perceptions

Meeting foreign colleagues will offer new insights, which stimulates thinking beyond the trusted frameworks. By looking at how other institutes, sectors or companies address their problems and challenges, our own discussions will be set in a new light.

International contacts

International contacts are indispensible due to the increasing dependency of countries on each other in many different sectors and policy areas. The European laws en regulations are increasingly influencing local law and politics. In research and development we need to work across European borders to generate enough intellectual and financial power to stay competitive in the world wide market.

A solid platform for fruitful cooperation

During international gatherings, away from the day to day business, participants are able to have in-depth conversations. This stimulates the progress in developing new policies. Our programmes did result in important new policies within the Netherlands such as the agreement on reducing healthcare costs, reform of the long term care provisioning system and developing community based mental healthcare. We ensure a good mixture of the right level of participants from different stake-holders, interactive business visits, enough time for discussions, and time to connect during social network hours.

Support for new policies

When reorganizing there will be a better chance on success if there is sufficient support for the needed change. Through events or study trips, organizations can involve key managers and include them in the change process.


People who work together on innovation determine the success of regeneration and changes within an organisation.